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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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Channel and dimensional letters are a top-class choice suitable for many signage applications across all industries and businesses. They are incredibly versatile and can be produced in almost any size, color, and font. This permits them to be custom made to match the specifications of any client’s needs.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignWhether you prefer a flat dimensional letter sign or a 3D illuminated sign, we can create an entirely customized sign that is perfect for your business requirements. Each set of channel letters has separate illumination and an individual structure that provides a highly visible and genuinely professional signage presentation.

Genesis Signs & Graphics is your local provider of professional business signs, with fast service and quality fabrication within your budget.

Channel letters frequently for retail stores, malls, shopping centers, office buildings, food stores, and other facilities. Many national chain stores like grocery chains, restaurants, and retailers use channel letter signs exclusively as an effective means of establishing and growing their brand.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are an ideal choice for storefront signage. Created from individually cut elements, these 3-dimensional signs contain letters, symbols, images, and numbers perfectly aligned and secured to a backing frame, or mounted flush against the surface of your storefront. A transparent or colored acrylic top provides a completely customized look to complete your unique signage look.

Channel letters project a very professional image to signs which is why it is the preferred medium for shopping centers and large retail outlets. You can display your logo, the name of your business, or even a slogan with channel letters.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignDimensional letters consist of individually created elements cut from solid sheets of materials such as acrylic or metal. Dimensional letters come in many different styles and various thicknesses so that you can choose the depth of dimension, from very thin to several inches deep.

Dimensional letter signs are very popular with restaurants, shopping malls, offices, manufacturing facilities, and are an excellent option for lobby signs or other indoor signs.

Genesis Signs & Graphics creates attractive dimensional letter signs to match your brand and promote your business in a high-quality, and durable way.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignChannel letters with LED lighting can help substantially to make your sign stand out. With the decreasing use of neon illumination, LED lit channel letters have become the most popular choice for signage. LED illuminated signs have improved dramatically over the past few years and in many cases are equal to or can even out-perform neon illumination.

Backlit or illuminated signs are visible from a distance and can be seen at night, attracting attention regardless of the time or weather conditions, as it does not lose its visibility in poor weather.

Genesis Signs & Graphics handles all aspects of the signage process from design to creation, including safely securing the sign and installing all electrical components.

These signs are vital for businesses that stay open late as they are highly visible and can attract new customers to your business from a long way off.

Illuminated and backlit signs are the preferred choice for nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, clubs, restaurants, as well as gas stations and convenience stores that stay open late.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

At Genesis Signs & Graphics we have a dedicated team of professional signage technicians with years of experience and knowledge to provide you with expert advice and guide you through the process of creating the perfect sign for your business. We look forward to becoming your preferred local partner for all your signage and printing needs

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